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Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter


Cosmic Encounter Game

  • For 3 to 5 Players
  • 1 to 2 hour playing time
  • Vie for control of the universe
  • Featuring 50 alien races and 100 plastic ships
  • About the Game:

    Who—or what—is out there

    Eons ago, your ancestors searched the black void of space for intelligent life. The search proved fruitless; they were alone. Desolate, they used their technology to send the seeds of life to inhabitable planets. They waited, but gradually over the millennia they faded into nothingness. However, over millions of years, alien races slowly evolved.

    To aid their children, your ancestors left behind a legacy of advanced technology and hyperspace gates. They meant these gifts to encourage communication and harmony between their children. Now, without the guiding touch of an elder hand, you and your distant alien cousins must learn to communicate, negotiate, and coexist.

    Welcome to the Cosmic Age. The open skies of countless worlds are filled with speeding spaceships, and a panoply of alien races is competing to populate the galaxy. In the quest to colonise as many planets as possible, there are as many paths to victory as there are alien races seeking it. Peace, war, negotiation, betrayal—you never know what will happen in the next encounter.

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