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  • It calls upon visual perception skills and arithmetic as players count the dots and match dice of the same number.
  • Scooping up, shaking and rolling the dice exercises the manipulation aspect of fine motor skills.
  • Flash is the go-to game for electrifying fun.
  • A lightning fast dice game for 2 to 6 players, ages 7 and up.
  • Weighing probabilities and quick decisions will roll you to victory.
  • Exercises visual perception, fine motor skills and basic math skills.
  • Includes 3 game variations and a travel pouch.
  • About the Game:


    Watch the sparks fly in this lightning-fast dice dash!

    Players race to complete eight challenges and try to rack up the most points. With three play variations, Flash is the go-to dice game for electrifying fun. Straightforward and quick, you can go at it again and again. Every one of all ages gets bit by the competition bug and has a fair shot to victory.

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