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Imploding Kittens Game

Imploding Kittens Game

SKU: 852131006051
  • NEW WAYS TO DIE: Thought Exploding Kittens was a crowd-pleaser? Wait till you bring this expansion pack into the fold! It introduces new cards. Greater complexity. More ways to betray your friends and revel in their despair
  • PILE MORE PRESSURE: Imploding Kittens spices up the game in more ways. You’ll love the Reverse Cards that add a spin to the action, Targeted Attack cards that allow you to force any player to take 2 turns in a row
  • JUST TO BE CLEAR: Imploding Kittens can’t work as a standalone game. It requires a copy of Exploding Kittens to play. Compatible with Original Edition, Party Pack Edition, 2-Player Edition, NSFW, Cat Burglar, Zombie Kittens, or Recipes for Disaster
  • CONE OF SHAME: There’s always that one person in the group. The one that constantly forgets whose turn comes next. The one that’s always busy on their phone while others fight for their lives. That’s where the life-sized Cone of Shame comes in!
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